SOA – The Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations

The role of SOA – The Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations is to promote the cooperation between student housing organisations and to lobby for their interests. The association does not own student housing properties. The list of SOA members providing student apartments can be found at the bottom of this page.

SOA ry

  • supervises the general and shared interests of student housing organisations;
  • promotes the cooperation between its members and improves the general operational conditions of the sector;
  • promotes the achievement of the sector's political goals.

SOA ry's members include 22 student housing organisations, which are non-profit and are either owned by foundations, municipalities, student unions or associations. These student housing organisations operate in the major university cities and together they own nearly 45,000 rental apartments that are mainly state subsided. National student organisations SYL and SAMOK are also members of SOA ry.

SOA ry organises co-operations and training sessions for its member organisations, where member representatives can receive and exchange up-to-date information about student housing in different parts in Finland.


SOA – The Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations
Executive Director Lauri Lehtoruusu
Annankatu 24, 2.krs
00100 Helsinki
phone: +358 (0)50 5737125

SOA ry 2020 board

Chairman of the Board
Matti Tanskanen
Central Finland Student Housing Foundation
p. 010 820 4420

Vice-chairman of the Board
Matti Tarhio
Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region

Joonas Grönlund, Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation
Kirsi Koski, The Tampere Student Housing Foundation
Risto Siilos, Student Village Foundation Of Turku
Juha Aitamurto, Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland
Joel Vierikko, SAMOK