A home for students

How do you feel about a house full of students? If you want to live with like-minded people near your school or university in a place with good public transportation connections, a student apartment is the place for you. There are apartments to meet every need, from shared apartments to family apartments.

For many students, the first place they move into is a shared apartment with a communal kitchen and bathroom. However, studio apartments are the most sought-after. In a shared apartment, friends share an apartment with multiple bedrooms, while family apartments are intended for couples and families with children.

Student apartments have been designed for students, and living in them has been made as effortless as possible. In most cases, the rent includes internet, electricity and water. The residential buildings also offer communal facilities, such as saunas and laundry rooms.

A student apartment is a reasonably priced and safe option when the landlord is a reliable student housing organisation. To qualify for a student apartment, the applicant needs to be enrolled in a post-primary school in Finland.